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Furnished Properties Blog 2009

29 Sept

Tuesday 29, September 2009

The Parramatta Eels and Melbourne Storm in the ARL grand final this weekend, come on the eels!!!. What a grand final it was between the Cats (Geelong) and the Saints (St Kilda) and well done to Geelong for getting over the line in the end. No repeat of the weather Sydney experienced last week, however there are still a hell of a lot of dirty cars on the road. BB has one more night to go. Vince is busy refurbing his home and James is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his second child.

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21 Sept

Monday 21, September 2009

It has been very busy since BB has returned to the front line of FP, which is a good thing as it keeps his mind of the woman in his life, too much. They return in 10 days time. Vince is still doing the refurb on his house, which will take a bit more time. James is now happy inside his new home, however now the landsacpe gardening starts. The NSW fire brigade are getting themselves ready for a hot summer by back burning many areas throughout the Sydney metropolitan area over the past two weekends, smoke,smoke and more smoke!! 

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11 Sept

Friday 11, September 2009

The three boys are all in the office today which is a good thing!! Business in terms of bookings is good and the three partners are anxiously awaiitng the completion of a building with 6 apartments. BB is of course still missing the girls however he is looking forward to spending the weekend listening to The Incident

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9 Sept

Wednesday 09, September 2009

BB is finding it real tough without the two woman in his life, however he is working real hard obtaining bookings and doing SEO for the site. Again Mr Brady from afar is helping his old mate in this process. It has only been a week since BB has returned (and James and Vince are delighted because of this) from the Dam and just as well as he is very much needed here. Vince was out of action today, however busy with the rebuild/refurb of his new family home.

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6 Sept

Sunday 06, September 2009

Vince and James have been under pressure in Brendan's absence, with both of them settling and moving into their new family homes, however of course they survived and pulled in a good $ turnover for the month of August. Brendan was up again early this morning (could not sleep again) and made a trip out to Parramatta to pick up one of our internet modems. Now in the office doing a bit of work before dropping off some towels to one of the Sydney CBD apartments.

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5 Sept

Saturday 05, September 2009

We all know the Australia cricket team lost the Ashes, however I would just like to add, @#*%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is out of the way, we can continue.

Hi folks!!! The blog is alive again as Brendan as returned from his European or should we say Holland adventure and he is in top form. A bit of jet lag maybe, however he was in the office getting the work done at 6 am this morning (could not sleep). He states it was great seeing and catching up with all the gang over there including Marije's (partner) family up in [...]

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10 Aug

Monday 10, August 2009

Again a month has past by, without even a letter typed. Sorry folks ....... then again how many people read this blog? Firstly go the Aussies. 1 -1 with one to play. Cricket, well for James and Brendan anyway is a talking point most mornings. Business is rolling along with good solid bookings coming in. Brendan is off with his family on Wed to his second home of Amsterdam and Holland and natural home of his partner and daughter for 3 weeks. Will he be missed? We shall find out.

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17 July

Friday 17, July 2009

No blog for a month now people and the reason why ...... ?? Busy, busy and even more BUSY!! Six new peoperties added to our portfolio in the last 6 to 8 weeks, fully booked in all properties, setting up new apartments and houses and after that still trying to find the time to do the emails and answer the phone. All three men are not complaining. Vince and James have both bought their first family homes, which means more work for everyone. Bring on the swim in the pool VB. The ASHES has started but unfortunately not a great deal of time to view it on the TV. Come on you [...]

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18 June

Thursday 18, June 2009

Sydney and Rain, rain, rain and more rain!!!!!!!!!!  Brendan thought rain in Dublin and Amsterdam was bad, however the rain that has hit Sydney in the last week is something else. Turn off the tap PLEASE!! The end of the Luminous festival was a delight with a performance by Brian Eno and Friends.Brendan states it was a fabulous concert and a fitting end to a great festival. The 14th June was also the end of the Vivid festival which was a public festival [...]

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4 June

Thursday 04, June 2009

May was a record month for FP, which was great news. Three new properties also added to the FP portfolio in May. NSW were beaten by QLD in the opening State of Origin match last night. Brendan is off to see the Lighting of the Sales tonight. Vince and James are off to see the new Terminator film. Question has to be asked about culture? The media are in a frenzy at the moment about the looming swine flu pandemic, with the state of Victoria being most affected. 

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