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Sydney travel guide

The Intrepid Traveller in Sydney

Friday 13, February 2015

If you are travelling to Sydney, Australia, you most likely have a distinct idea of how you want your holiday to go. Whether you plan to spend your time relaxing on a quiet beach, partying all night or exploring the history of the city, you can find activities to keep you busy every minute of the day.

Sydney has a lively beach culture, from Bondi to Whale beach. Bondi is a trendy district, with surfers and sunbathers galore. The boardwalk is lined with shops, cafés and clubs that keep visitors to Bondi moving and active from morning until well into the night. Other beaches are quieter and family friendly, but each has its [...]

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Are Your Heading Down Under

Thursday 05, February 2015

Australia is one of the most beautiful and culturally and naturally diverse countries in the world, filled with burgeoning coastal cities, sun-kissed beaches, wild bush lands, and lush rainforests. The cost of living is low, while the standard of living is high. Attitudes are relaxed and easygoing, and property in Australia is affordable. Whether you are immigrating to Australia for work, education, or personal reasons, you will find the country both welcoming and accommodating.

As you are planning your travel budget, you will have plenty of things to consider. Migration costs can vary dramatically from person to person and even [...]

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The View of Sydney Outside of Australia

Friday 30, August 2013

sun sets over Sydney CBD in AustraliaAustralia’s international reputation is undoubtedly one of excellence. The people of Australia are known as hardworking and friendly, and the same is true for the citizens of Sydney, known colloquially as “Sydneysiders.” While the people appear to be shown in a favourable light, it would seem not much is actually known about the city itself, as Sydney is sometimes confused by foreigners for Australia’s capital city, [...]

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Desirable World Cities To Live

Thursday 02, August 2012

There are now a vast number of cosmopolitan cities based around the world, they are not only desirable to live in, but they also make fantastic holiday destinations too. Sydney, Australia, is unquestionably one of the best cities in the world. It has a booming economy, amazing sights to see, and is an extremely clean city too. The demand for executive accommodation Sydney is extremely high.

This high demand has increased hugely in the last decade, as the city has grown as both a tourist destination, and as a business center. [...]

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Australia Holidays with the Family

Tuesday 17, July 2012

Parents with older children may often feel they are no longer involved in their kids' lives. Teens especially seem to spend extensive periods of time on their iPhones sending sms messages to their friends, checking their Facebook pages, and Tweeting all their latest updates. Is family time even relevant any more for older children?

Even though kids begin to separate from their parents, blossoming into their new-found identities and independence, they will still need mum and dad for years to come. Studies have shown that parents are one of the most significant influences on a child's behaviour, even throughout the teen years. [...]

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48 Hours in Sydney

Friday 06, July 2012

Are you planning a trip to Sydney? There are plenty of Sydney travel and accommodation options!

Sydney, Australia, is a spectacular cosmopolitan city with sunny beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and lively shopping districts, but if you only had 48 hours in Sydney, what would you do? While it may seem difficult to narrow your options down, there are a few activities that are simply must-dos. Here are our picks for a short stop in Sydney.

1. The Sydney Bridge Climb
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a Sydney icon, and several bridge climbs are available to meet the needs of our visitors. No visit to Sydney would be [...]

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Corporate Travel With Good Web Design

Sunday 18, December 2011

One of the best ways to attract clients to your business today is to have a properly constructed, informative, and attractive website. Your website may be the first contact potential clients have with your business, or it may be your established customers’ go-to resource for in-depth information. Either way, a professional Web design company can help you better achieve your desired results.

A professional Web designer can help you choose the best layout and organization and better understand SEO, or search engine optimization, to attract customers. He or she can also help you positively reflect your organization [...]

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The Summer In Sydney

Tuesday 22, November 2011

Sydney’s heat has not broken any records yet approaching the summer, but with temperatures topping 38 degrees Celsius, the sweltering heat has kept residents the warmest they have been in the past two years. Sydneysiders love the outdoors, but with temperatures in the mid-30s, they may need to adjust their activity levels in order to stay safe and healthy. If pondering travel through Australia, this post is of vital importance to you.

The sun and the surf can be extremely tempting during the hot summer months. Undoubtedly you will want to [...]

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Travel Figures Down

Tuesday 27, September 2011

Although the global economy has finally begun to show signs of recovery, the process has been slow and filled with pitfalls. Consumer and business confidence has been shaky, employment growth is slow, economic prospects are fairly bleak, and stock markets continue to tumble. All this has taken quite a toll on the travel industry, and figures remain low.

The travel industry rallied briefly in 2008, actually reaching an all-time high for the decade. They faltered again, however, in 2009, and although the industry is starting to recover again, it is a slow recovery.

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Make A Point Of Visiting Sydney

Saturday 30, April 2011

On a continent as vast and diverse as Australia, tourists are sure to flock to a multitude of destinations, whether they prefer white water rafting through rain forest regions or riding camels through red desert sands. In fact, Australia sees more than five and a half million visitors every year, both tourists and students who wish to learn more about this remarkable land. About half of those visitors make it a point to visit Sydney. Sydney also hosted more than 20 million domestic visitors in 2009.

Sydney is home to the world-recognized Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, as well as the Australia Museum, [...]

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