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Does Sydney Have Cool Clubbing Options?

Wednesday 11, February 2015

Sydney offers a variety of cool clubbing options for just about every taste and style. Depending upon age, entertainment value or dress code, the options are virtually limitless. Starting with one of Sydney’s most popular night spots, we are reminded that there is indeed no place like Home.

The club is known as Home. This place totally rocks, and is definitely a pick among all age groups, from teens to middle age. Most clubbers who are in their 20s however seem to gravitate towards Home. This club offers an awesome ambiance, with several balconies that overlook the city. This makes it a good choice for chilling and [...]

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Must See in Sydney - Darling Harbour

Tuesday 23, September 2014

Although there are several bays, coves, and harbours throughout Sydney, Darling Harbour is one of Australia's top destinations and a spot travellers won't want to miss. The harbour is bustling with fun attractions and plenty of places to eat and stay. The following information details the rich history of Darling harbour, top attractions to experience while visiting, and great restaurants and hotels and accommodations to enjoy.

Location and History
Darling Harbour's official address is Sydney NSW 2000, [...]

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The Cyclist Boom in Sydney

Friday 10, May 2013

Cycling is enjoying a comeback all across Sydney. An increasing number of Sydneysiders are taking advantage of bicycles to help them avoid traffic congestion, save on the cost of fuel and more easily manoeuvre around what can often be unpredictable public transportation. Whether you ride your bicycle for transportation, for pleasure or for sport, you are in great company.

Cycling in Australia has long been a popular activity. The first big cycling boom occurred more than 100 years ago during the 19th century. The velocipede, which was invented in the 1860s, was wildly popular [...]

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A List of Sydney's Top Destinations

Thursday 14, February 2013

A ferry arriving into Circular Quay with Sydney Opera House in the backgroundHave you ever wanted to take a step back in time? Perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to arrive with the First Fleet, or you always wondered what life was like for the Aboriginals who lived here long before the Europeans ever arrived. Maybe you want to explore the natural wonders that extend [...]

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Why is Sydney Popular for Business

Wednesday 21, November 2012

Why do companies move certain divisions or departments overseas? As you may know, the practice is called outsourcing and companies do it to save money. There is really no other reason. All other things being equal, a business will always opt to keep operations close to home. Not only does it give them a competitive advantage, since they can keep a closer eye on business, but they can also gain national support as a home-grown and operated company.

Of course, there is no shame in moving certain departments overseas when it is absolutely necessary. And unfortunately, in the wake of the economic recession, it has been necessary for [...]

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Is Sydney Becoming Less Green?

Friday 16, March 2012

Australia has the largest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world. According to Sydney officials in 2007, greenhouse emissions were expected to rise 40 percent by the year 2030. A lack of housing, traffic gridlock, and increasing waste and pollution are some of the factors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in Sydney. Currently, air pollution contributes to an estimated 600 to 1,400 deaths a year in Sydney. With the increase in traffic, the death toll from air pollution is anticipated to rise to 2,380 a year by the year 2030. Approximately 70 percent of all city trips are made by car. And situation is expected to get even [...]

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Where to buy in Sydney for the greater return?

Thursday 08, March 2012

Investing in real estate can be a significant and successful financial move. For those looking for investment opportunities in Sydney, Australia an area where property prices are continually on the increase, it is good to know where to buy. This is especially true when the property prices have peaked.


Of course, the first step is to look for bargains. This may include properties that need  to be repaired or totally renovated, but will, in the end, sell for more than the total amount of money invested.

There are two suburbs in Sydney, Pyrmont and Balmain, that are very [...]

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Do People Still Want To Travel To Sydney?

Friday 24, February 2012

Results of the September 2010 International Visitor Survey show a 9% increase in international visitors to North South Wales compared to the same quarter in 2009. An increase of 8% occured in Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) segment in Sydney. Both these increases were largely due to holiday and business segments.

Recently,Oprah Winfrey generated a renewed interest in Sydney, much like the spike in interest before and during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The warmth and friendliness of the Australian people was spotlighted by Ms. Winfrey's crew, plus the myriad amenities and their support staff was well documented, [...]

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Does Sydney Need Better Public Transport?

Thursday 23, February 2012

Anyone who lives in Sydney, New South Wales can appreciate the beauty and breadth of the state. However, getting around is incredibly difficult, with traffic increasing leaps and bounds while public transportation options lag behind. Cars are increasing the already polluted air, which harms the populace's health and the environment around us. Not only that, but this increased traffic makes getting from place to place harder and longer than ever.

Real solutions are needed to alleviate the traffic problems in Sydney, and the current government is not stepping up to the plate. We need more public transportation to act as a clean [...]

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My Visit To Sydney

Wednesday 24, August 2011

I have just a week to spend in Sydney, Australia. After my Australia travel flights lands, I'll be staying at a furnished apartment near the Rocks. This colourfully unique community is filled with some of the oldest buildings in the city, as well as restaurants, galleries, and boutiques just a stone's throw from my doorstep.

Because I don't have a lot of time to spend, I'll have to plan my visit carefully. I've stocked up on sunblock [...]

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