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Headline News Is Simply Celebrity News

Saturday 02, October 2010

Today headline news is simply celebrity news. Lindsay Lohan is back in jail or Paris Hilton has been arrested on drug charges, yet again. The public laps up this news as it hits both the airwaves and computers.

What are we not being told? One thing we are not being told is how business conglomerates such as Disney, FOX, and Time Warner Cable now own the major news outlets. The news no longer exists to keep us informed, the news exists to make money. Relevant news is pulled in favor of celebrity gossip.

What happened to the investigative journalists of the past? Journalists who have high ethics when it comes to the news are being silenced. They have been bound and gagged by FOX and Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is referred to as a "media mogul." Why are we allowing big corporations and the owners of such to silence our reporters? Have viewers been distracted in such a way that they honestly can't see that the news they are being told may as well be a mini action movie reported every night by a glamorous blonde?

Gone are the days of finding young hard hitting journalists along the lines of John Pilger and Noam Chomsky. News owners today are in the news to make money. They have cut costs which include paying investigative reporters. They have sacrificed quality and information for entertainment, and we, the people, have allowed them.

Australians and the rest of the world need to realize that their news is being fed to them in tiny portions and that they are being distracted by fluff journalism. They need to make a stand and demand that the gossip that passes for news be done away with and that the right to know and be aware of their world is a right that they will not tolerate being taken away.