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Furnished Properties Blog 2012

Furnished Properties Blog 2012

Why is Sydney Popular for Business

Wednesday 21, November 2012

Why do companies move certain divisions or departments overseas? As you may know, the practice is called outsourcing and companies do it to save money. There is really no other reason. All other things being equal, a business will always opt to keep operations close to home. Not only does it give them a competitive advantage, since they can keep a closer eye on business, but they can also gain national support as a home-grown and operated company.

Of course, there is no shame in moving certain departments overseas when it is absolutely necessary. And unfortunately, in the wake of the economic recession, it has been necessary for [...]

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Travel Industry Awards for Your Business

Tuesday 11, September 2012

Whatever field you work in, whatever type of business you own, it is always a mark of honour to be awarded an accolade by your own field of business such as the travel industry award for Furnished Accommodation.

It is great when your customers recognise that you run a good business but when experts in the same industry also reward you then this is a real pat on the back. Whether you are in the travel industry, the estate agent business, hairdressing or retail, an industry award goes a very long way.

It can have external benefits as customers are more likely to be attracted by your business and [...]

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A Visit to Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Sydney

Tuesday 04, September 2012

When you think of Australia, you think of the big cities, the Sydney Opera House, downtown Melbourne, and you think of the Outback. Visit Katoomba and you'll see a whole other side of Australia.

With a population of around eight thousand people, Katoomba rests in the Blue Mountains, one of the most breathtaking parts of the country. You may think of the deserts and the cliffs and the beaches when you think of Australia, but the Blue Mountains are more akin to the landscapes of Oregon and Washington. Lush, green and gorgeous.

Something of a resort town, [...]

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Desirable World Cities To Live

Thursday 02, August 2012

There are now a vast number of cosmopolitan cities based around the world, they are not only desirable to live in, but they also make fantastic holiday destinations too. Sydney, Australia, is unquestionably one of the best cities in the world. It has a booming economy, amazing sights to see, and is an extremely clean city too. The demand for executive accommodation Sydney is extremely high.

This high demand has increased hugely in the last decade, as the city has grown as both a tourist destination, and as a business center. [...]

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Australia Holidays with the Family

Tuesday 17, July 2012

Parents with older children may often feel they are no longer involved in their kids' lives. Teens especially seem to spend extensive periods of time on their iPhones sending sms messages to their friends, checking their Facebook pages, and Tweeting all their latest updates. Is family time even relevant any more for older children?

Even though kids begin to separate from their parents, blossoming into their new-found identities and independence, they will still need mum and dad for years to come. Studies have shown that parents are one of the most significant influences on a child's behaviour, even throughout the teen years. [...]

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The History of Parramatta

Thursday 12, July 2012

Although aboriginal people such as the Darug had made the New South Wales their home for generations, it was not until 1788 that Parramatta was founded by European settlers. The British colony in nearby Sydney Cove needed additional food supplies for the soldiers, administrators, and convicts who had arrived in January of that year. The site of present-day Parramatta was selected as the location of a farming settlement that could supply this need. James Ruse, a convict who had arrived with the First Fleet, was granted land in Parramatta with the proviso that he must turn it into a [...]

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48 Hours in Sydney

Friday 06, July 2012

Are you planning a trip to Sydney? There are plenty of Sydney travel and accommodation options!

Sydney, Australia, is a spectacular cosmopolitan city with sunny beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and lively shopping districts, but if you only had 48 hours in Sydney, what would you do? While it may seem difficult to narrow your options down, there are a few activities that are simply must-dos. Here are our picks for a short stop in Sydney.

1. The Sydney Bridge Climb
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a Sydney icon, and several bridge climbs are available to meet the needs of our visitors. No visit to Sydney would be [...]

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A Greener, Healthier Australia

Friday 01, June 2012

Yale University recently released its Environmental Performance Index, which measures and ranks the environmental policies of various countries. Switzerland was ranked at number one for 2012, with a final score of 76.69. Australia, however, came in only as a modest performer, with a score of 56.61 and ranked number 48 out of 132 countries, just above the United States and below Georgia and Uruguay. Although Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world and Adelaide is considered one of the top 10 eco-friendly cities in the world, it [...]

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Is Sydney Becoming Less Green?

Friday 16, March 2012

Australia has the largest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world. According to Sydney officials in 2007, greenhouse emissions were expected to rise 40 percent by the year 2030. A lack of housing, traffic gridlock, and increasing waste and pollution are some of the factors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in Sydney. Currently, air pollution contributes to an estimated 600 to 1,400 deaths a year in Sydney. With the increase in traffic, the death toll from air pollution is anticipated to rise to 2,380 a year by the year 2030. Approximately 70 percent of all city trips are made by car. And situation is expected to get even [...]

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Where to buy in Sydney for the greater return?

Thursday 08, March 2012

Investing in real estate can be a significant and successful financial move. For those looking for investment opportunities in Sydney, Australia an area where property prices are continually on the increase, it is good to know where to buy. This is especially true when the property prices have peaked.


Of course, the first step is to look for bargains. This may include properties that need  to be repaired or totally renovated, but will, in the end, sell for more than the total amount of money invested.

There are two suburbs in Sydney, Pyrmont and Balmain, that are very [...]

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