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Travel Industry Awards for Your Business

Tuesday 11, September 2012

Whatever field you work in, whatever type of business you own, it is always a mark of honour to be awarded an accolade by your own field of business such as the travel industry award for Furnished Accommodation.

It is great when your customers recognise that you run a good business but when experts in the same industry also reward you then this is a real pat on the back. Whether you are in the travel industry, the estate agent business, hairdressing or retail, an industry award goes a very long way.

It can have external benefits as customers are more likely to be attracted by your business and [...]

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A Visit to Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Sydney

Tuesday 04, September 2012

When you think of Australia, you think of the big cities, the Sydney Opera House, downtown Melbourne, and you think of the Outback. Visit Katoomba and you'll see a whole other side of Australia.

With a population of around eight thousand people, Katoomba rests in the Blue Mountains, one of the most breathtaking parts of the country. You may think of the deserts and the cliffs and the beaches when you think of Australia, but the Blue Mountains are more akin to the landscapes of Oregon and Washington. Lush, green and gorgeous.

Something of a resort town, [...]

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The History of Parramatta

Thursday 12, July 2012

Although aboriginal people such as the Darug had made the New South Wales their home for generations, it was not until 1788 that Parramatta was founded by European settlers. The British colony in nearby Sydney Cove needed additional food supplies for the soldiers, administrators, and convicts who had arrived in January of that year. The site of present-day Parramatta was selected as the location of a farming settlement that could supply this need. James Ruse, a convict who had arrived with the First Fleet, was granted land in Parramatta with the proviso that he must turn it into a [...]

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A Greener, Healthier Australia

Friday 01, June 2012

Yale University recently released its Environmental Performance Index, which measures and ranks the environmental policies of various countries. Switzerland was ranked at number one for 2012, with a final score of 76.69. Australia, however, came in only as a modest performer, with a score of 56.61 and ranked number 48 out of 132 countries, just above the United States and below Georgia and Uruguay. Although Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world and Adelaide is considered one of the top 10 eco-friendly cities in the world, it [...]

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The Benefits Of Travel Review Sites

Wednesday 22, February 2012

The British first began to colonise Australia in the 18th century. Although a 20 hour flight separates the U.K. from Sydney today, the two countries still share many similarities. Perhaps this is the reason so many in the United Kingdom visit Australia every year. Visiting a distant land with a similar culture, language, and even foods provides the thrill of travelling balanced with the comfortable security of the familiar.

In fact, nearly 700,000 U.K. residents visit Australia annually, making the country one of their [...]

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The Health Of The Travel Industry

Monday 05, December 2011

In 2007, the most serious economic downturn in decades began to spread across the globe. Although we are finally beginning to emerge from the worst of the recession years, many countries are still experiencing high rates of unemployment and financial instability. Not surprisingly, the state of the world’s economy directly affects the health of the travel industry. People simply have more pressing concerns than travel when they are facing the prospect of losing their job or having to search for a new one.

Although business travel may have continued during [...]

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The Web: The Power & The Passion

Thursday 16, June 2011

Since its inception in the 1970s, the technologies for linking computers and networks have become increasingly more intricate and complex, and the web today links millions of people across the world, giving us a platform for interpersonal communication unlike any previously known throughout recorded history.

The Internet has since changed our world forever. Its vast resources of knowledge can be unleashed with the click of a mouse. We can reconnect with friends and family across the globe or uncover our heritage with a few hours of 'net research.

The Internet is a powerful tool, drawing many of us into [...]

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The Australian Economy In 2011

Wednesday 12, January 2011

The year 2010 brought global economic instability to the world. Some countries were affected more than others in this massive financial crunch. Australia has been able to hold its own much better than many other countries around the globe. Yet, the remainder of the world economy has had its effect on this beautifully diverse country Down Under.

The economic year 2011 is expected to improve slightly for the world in general, with some countries such as China seeing a 10% growth rate throughout the year. The Australian dollar has remained strong during this [...]

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What Makes a Good Travel Blog Site?

Wednesday 13, October 2010

What makes one travel blog site better than another is often a matter of personal opinion. But in general, the best ones have a few things in common.

A well-designed travel blog site knows its niche, the kind of audience it wants to engage. The home page is uncluttered and structured in a sensible way. There is no confusion about where to click, and you get to the information you're looking for in the quickest way possible.

The best site will have several features that aid in trip planning, such as itineraries, lodging options, flight and motel reservation links, [...]

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A fine is not enough!

Tuesday 29, June 2010

The Oil "Spill" in the Gulf of Mexico has raged on since the April 20th explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, and BP has yet to find a solution to the problem. Thus far, the oil leak has emptied large unimaginable quantities of oil into the Gulf which poses as a threat to the fragile ecosystems found within the entire Gulf of Mexico. As time progressed, BP has tried various methods of halting or slowing the crude oil that is flooding out from one mile under the water's surface. Unfortunately, their attempts at stopping the spill have been futile. They are however remaining [...]

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