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Short Stay Corporate Rental Enquiry On The Up

Enquiry for Corporate Apartments on the Rise in Sydney

Thursday 13, August 2015

Short term corporate accommodation in Sydney can be the ideal solution for businesses that are relocating employees or have specific business travel needs. Unlike hotels and extended stay accommodations, corporate apartments offer plenty of space, reasonable prices, more personalised services and accommodations that are specifically designed for longer-term stays.

Furnished apartments such as corporate apartments offer comfortably furnished living spaces, kitchens, one or more bathrooms and one or more bedrooms. They are designed to meet the needs of travellers who are planning extended visits of longer than a few days and often include all the comforts of home. Furnished apartments are located in Sydney CBD, Pyrmont, Paddington, Darlinghurst, Castle Hill, Mosman, Glebe and other major suburbs and neighbourhoods throughout the city.

Corporate accommodations are ideal for executives who are travelling for business, medical professionals, military personnel, athletes, actors and theatre professionals, consultants and employees who are being relocated or attending special events. Not all corporate accommodations are the same, however. Exploring the options, the types of housing available and the services that are included can help businesses ensure they get the accommodations they expect.

1. Location

Location can be one of the most important aspects of finding the right corporate accommodations in Sydney. Apartments in the CBD are located right in the midst of the action. Businesses that are located in the CBD often choose these apartments to simplify travel arrangements. Apartments that are located in the suburbs may be equally appropriate, particularly if they provide easy access to public transportation or include parking facilities for employees’ vehicles.

2. Cost

The monthly rate for corporate apartments can vary widely based on many factors including size, location and demand. The price may include all necessities, such as water and other utilities, while others may charge only rent and require occupants to arrange for their own utilities, Internet access and other necessities. Some apartments may also offer extra services or amenities, including daily or weekly servicing, parking, gyms and pools. The type of amenities that are offered with a specific apartment can contribute significantly to the corporate traveller’s pleasure, productivity and peace of mind during his or her stay.

3. Space

The needs of an independent traveller can vary quite dramatically from those of a corporate group or family. One-, two- and three-bedroom apartments are all available, and larger furnished homes are also available. Larger apartments and homes may be most appropriate for groups that are travelling together while studio or one-bedroom apartments can be quite comfortable for individuals or couples.

4. Policies

Is the office local and easily contacted should the company or guests require anything? Local owners or managers can assist guests more readily and are often able to provide extra assistance when necessary. Asking about policies regarding guest satisfaction, payment and other critical details is also important. Working with experienced, established companies with printed policies on a variety of topics can help ensure that both the guests’ and the companies’ needs are met.

5. Amenities

Does the apartment feature WiFi access and other amenities that are designed to meet the unique needs of corporate travellers? Gyms, parking facilities and access to public transportation can all make an enormous difference when it comes to corporate travel. A well-equipped kitchen can also be beneficial, particularly when it comes to cutting the costs associated with travel.

Corporate housing has evolved from basic and uninspiring to innovative, spacious and luxurious. Furnished apartments are available throughout Sydney for short-term  stays and offer unparalleled comfort and pampering amenities. Customized housing solutions are available to meet virtually any travel need, including relocation, student travel, temporary assignment and event travel.

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The city of Sydney is a sprawling metropolis and with a population of 4.576 million, there are many locations to choose from when searching for your self-catering accommodation for either a long term or short term rental. If you are travelling to Sydney on business or with your family either relocating or on holidays, finding the right location in Sydney for your needs is of high importance.

The corporate traveller may want a one or two bedroom furnished apartment in Sydney CBD, whilst the family on vacation would prefer the leafy suburbs of the Hills District and a four bedroom house. Your search for the most suitable furnished accommodation in Sydney is made easy with the help of a map detailing all the locations Furnished Properties rent their apartments.

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