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Leichhardt Furnished Accommodation on Carlisle Street

Leichhardt Furnished Serviced Apartments

Leichhardt - Carlisle Street
From $250 per night
Leichhardt - Carlisle Street
From $250 per night

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Room Code: LCH 27CAR

  • Walking distance to markets and grocery stores
  • 10 minutes drive from Sydney CBD
  • Easy access to Parramatta Road and City West Link


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"SERVICED" - We offer fully furnished corporate and holiday rentals including linen and towels. There is no daily housekeeping.

  • 42" PLASMA TV
  • INTERNET (available)

About this property

As you will have no doubt felt on entering this house it’s a home that is much loved and gives love
back equally. This is a family home and it welcomes families or individuals looking for a haven
from the busyness of city life. From the trickle of the fountains out front to the quiet areas in the
garden there is a wealth of opportunity for a family to have fun and relax together or separately as
the mood takes you.

We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay here.

Here’s a walkthrough rundown of how the house works.

There are two front guest bedrooms, one doubling as a home office when needed, the other a
fully set out bedroom complete with wardrobe.

Moving into the middle of the house there is a sitting room for those wanting to relax or wind
down with a book and a glass of wine or simply chat away from the rest of the family.
Opposite this through the lead light door is the Library and access to the parent’s retreat upstairs.
There are cupboards here that may be of use to long term guests.

The dishwasher, to the left of the sink, switches on easily and operates best on the Normal
cycle. The top drawer lifts up or down depending on how you wish to stack top or bottom. The
gas stove again is easy to operate, automatically lighting with a push down of the relevant switch.
The oven is electric. The fridge and freezer are also in a cupboard!
There are bench lights, the switches for these are set among the plug sockets either side of the

The main bathroom is also on this level. There are no tricks here. The windows at the top can be
opened or closed with the hooked pole which rests beside the toilet. Please be careful not to
accidentally push this through the glass!! The bath is great for children and the hot tap spindle
(left) slips off easily to ensure no accidental pouring of hot water. The vanity has ample drawers
and a cupboard for personal storage.

Moving downstairs you’ll reach the family room. This combines formal or family dining with a
lounge space for relaxing or watching TV. There is also DVD player and various DVDs which can
be found in the drawers below the TV. An operating manual for these comes separately. You will
find the main heat source for the house for winter down in this room also. It’s a highly effective
Gas heater which will pass heat throughout the house if used sensibly. While caring primarily
about your warmth and comfort we also request that you in return do not squander the heat or
leave the heater on while not in the house for obvious safety reasons. The heater is thermostatic
and a good operating temperature is usually between 19 and 23 degrees depending on the
temperature outside. You’ll find that the heat from this heater will radiate quite quickly through the
house so long as doors to unused rooms are kept closed.

The fourth bedroom is located behind the sitting room. This has been a favourite with teenagers
but can equally be enjoyed by parents with young children as it also includes a single bed. At the
far back of this area there is a large storage cupboard for long term guests. Beyond there is the
second bathroom and laundry. Here you’ll find the walk in shower and washer and dryer. The
washing machine its simple to operate, as a top loader, applying detergent in the central spindle
by removing the cap and pouring in a measure of powder or liquid according. The only watch out
is not to overload the washing machine. Similarly the dryer is very self explanatory. If using the
dryer please ensure the lint collector at the top of the door opening is free of lint. It lifts out easily
and should be checked every time it’s used. There’s a fan extractor in this room and a heated
towel rail which helps keep the room fresh especially in winter.

The garden is designed for relaxation for adults and the fun of exploring for children. The garden
beds are all on a watering system. There’s a barbecue which is fairly easy to operate. It requires
lighting manually which is easy enough. Just lift one side of the grill or hot plate, switch on the gas
and light one burner with a match or cigarette lighter. The other burners will light in sequence
moving out from whichever is first alight as you turn them on. Please clean the barbecue after
using. Further down the garden there is the clothes line. If you need fast drying on a sunny day
there is a smaller drying rack in the bathroom which can be put out on the upstairs roof terrace
but this main clothes line will generally dry clothes completely during the course of a day. The
shed is locked. For long terms guests there is a rotating compost bin right at the back but this can
be annoying unless you’re feeling adventurous!!

The gate in the back fence leads to the small but workable parking space should it be needed.
Generally though street parking is better and more convenient. If using the back parking space
the agents will give you a key to the gate and the back lane access is quite simple despite being
tight. For guests with cars parking on the street please request the guest parking permit from the

In the laneway behind the house long terms guests who care to recycle will find a blue bin for
paper and a yellow bin for plastics and glass. They have the number of the house painted on them
and go out on alternative Thursdays every week. The general rubbish is also collected on
Thursdays and there’s a bin for this general rubbish outside the kitchen in the low wooden storage
area on the verandah. (In case of doubt as to what to recycle please go to the Inner West Council
web site.) There’s also a recycling bin in that storage area for more convenient use until recycling
day. Under the kitchen sink there are pull out bins for general waste and food waste. 



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