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Holiday accommodation in Sydney and What to Book


Furnished holiday accommodation in SydneyAs you search for the right holiday accommodation in Sydney, you will discover you have a multitude of options. Sydney is home to the world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge and the stunning Sydney Opera House. It has a fresh cosmopolitan feel and a lively air of excitement at its pristine beaches, crowded weekend markets and world-class restaurants. As one of the top travel destinations in the world, Sydney can accommodate virtually anyone at any price range. Whether you are looking for budget accommodations where you can stay for a single night or longer-term accommodations that provide you with all the comforts of home along with plenty of extra pampering amenities, you will find exactly what you want here.

Hotels - Holiday Accommodation in Sydney

Hotels are one of the most popular options for people on holidays. They can be great options for short-term stays and offer a convenient place to sleep as you spend your days browsing the markets in The Rocks and your evenings prowling Kings Cross. Hotels are clean, often feature central air and provide housekeeping services. Many even feature attractive gardens and dining facilities.

Unfortunately, hotels also have some drawbacks. The rooms tend to be small. In fact, although hotel rooms may be fairly comfortable for a single person, even one extra person in the room can leave it feeling crowded. A family or group of friends on holiday will almost certainly find a hotel room insufficient for their needs. Privacy is minimal in hotels. People tend to come and go 24 hours a day, and housekeeping may knock on the door at inconvenient moments. Hotels also tend to be fairly pricey, which can make them particularly unsuitable for longer stays. Although amenities may include on-site pools and dining facilities, the rooms themselves often offer few of the comforts of home, leaving you with added costs for entertainment and meals and few options for entertaining guests.

Serviced Apartments

Sydney CBD, harbour and Hyde Park.Serviced apartments are another popular option for those on holiday in Sydney. Serviced apartments tend to offer a luxurious alternative. Tastefully decorated, each serviced apartment offers a certain ambiance that differs from the typical mass-produced feel of a hotel room. You can also enjoy more freedom in your own serviced apartment. Invite friends for a cosy dinner, prepare your own meals on your preferred schedule and come and go as you please. Private parking, on-site gym facilities and swimming pools are common features of serviced apartments, and housekeeping is often included.

The price of serviced apartments is often their biggest drawback. Serviced apartments charge for their luxurious environments and attentive service, which can leave your costs for accommodations soaring. Housekeeping services also may be more intrusive than you prefer.

Furnished Apartments - Holiday Accommodation Sydney

Much like serviced apartments, furnished apartments offer more space and more privacy than hotel rooms. Furnished apartments are conveniently located in some of Sydney’s most popular neighbourhoods, and they are fully furnished with well-equipped kitchens, DVD players, stereos, plasma TVs, Foxtel cable and WiFi access.

One of the biggest advantages of furnished apartments is that they are entirely self-contained. This allows you to save significantly on the cost of dining, drinks and entertainment, all of which can add up quickly on business trips or holidays. Entertain at your leisure, relax during an evening in and save money by preparing your own meals and providing your own housekeeping. Accommodations are often one of the biggest expenses of any trip, but furnished apartments offer a more affordable alternative. They tend to cost less than other common options and are especially inexpensive for short- or longer-term holidays, students or business trips.

A furnished apartment easily accommodates entire families or large groups and is generally child and pet friendly. They are comfortable for travellers of all ages and offer plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable. Washers, dryers and dishwashers are all on-site and are available 24-7 whenever you need them. Pools, gyms and parking are often available to ensure a more comfortable stay.

For a home-away-from-home feel that allows you to more fully enjoy your holiday, a furnished apartment is your best option. Clean, modern and equipped with lounges, kitchenettes and one or more bedrooms, they offer everything you need for your short- or long-term stay in Sydney whether you are alone or with friends. They offer easy access to the CBD, the beaches and public transportation and are located in Sydney CBD and throughout the metropolitan area, including:

Sydney Opera House• Glebe
• Broadway
• Leichhardt
• Darlinghurst
• Mosman
• Castle Hill
• Homebush Bay
• Pyrmont
• Randwick
• Surry Hills
• And more

Other Options

Backpackers’ hostels and boarding houses are also available and offer an entirely different kind of experience. You may be able to choose between a private room or a dormitory room, and your costs will often be quite low. Because you are staying with many other travellers, you can make new friends, learn about other cultures and have plenty of people with whom to explore the city.

Although these are less expensive options, they do offer certain amenities but generally far fewer than other types of accommodations. Additionally, your space may be quite limited, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable and crowded. If you are travelling with a group, these options may be entirely unsuitable.

Your Sydney Holiday

Enjoy everything Sydney has to offer in the spacious comfort and privacy of your own private furnished apartment. Whether you are travelling alone, with family or with a group of friends, a suitable furnished apartment can take your holiday to the next level.

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The city of Sydney is a sprawling metropolis and with a population of 4.576 million, there are many locations to choose from when searching for your self-catering accommodation for either a long term or short term rental. If you are travelling to Sydney on business or with your family either relocating or on holidays, finding the right location in Sydney for your needs is of high importance.

The corporate traveller may want a one or two bedroom furnished apartment in Sydney CBD, whilst the family on vacation would prefer the leafy suburbs of the Hills District and a four bedroom house. Your search for the most suitable furnished accommodation in Sydney is made easy with the help of a map detailing all the locations Furnished Properties rent their apartments.

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