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Surry Hills Travel Guide

Surry Hills: History, location and things to do

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The story of Surry Hills begins shortly after the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove. As the convicts and sailors began to settle into the area around The Rocks, the wealthier settlers spread out into the surrounding areas, including Surry Hills. Farming and feeding the animals was a primary concern for the new arrivals in Sydney. Unfortunately, the unfamiliar land proved difficult to farm, and the clay ground was hard when dry and sticky when wet. Much of Surry Hills ended up under private ownership. Surrey Hills Farm, which covered 105 acres of land, and George Farm, which covered 70 another acres, spread across the majority of Surry Hills. These early landowners did not last long, however. They speculated, and when they suffered financial disaster, their lands were sold off and split up into smaller parcels in order to settle their debts.

The subsequent landowners were wealthy, and they built the stately Victorian terraces that still line the sandstone kerbs today. As the decades passed, others began to move in. Working class residents and migrants began to flood the narrow lanes of the suburb, and the population shifted to a lower income group. High-rise developments crowded into the streets, and Surry Hills became quite densely populated. The wealthier residents began to flee for more fashionable suburbs.

Surry Hills, which is just a 10-minute drive southeast of the CBD, had become a crime-ridden, impoverished neighbourhood that was best known for its brothels. The Great Depression hit Surry Hills hard, and the once-vibrant community slipped and became a slum. In the 1930s, the government began to clear out the land and rezone it. The Victorian homes were renovated, high-density apartments were constructed and commercial areas were designated. The area's gentrification led to its becoming a thriving neighbourhood once again, and although it is one of the most popular residential communities in Sydney today, traces of its heritage continue to be visible throughout. Numerous historic buildings have been refurbished into restaurants and pubs, and many more have been listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Surry Hills has plenty to offer Sydneysiders, weekend visitors and other visitors. Surry Hills Markets, which are held the first Saturday of every month, are from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. and feature recycled, handmade and secondhand goods of all varieties. The Surry Hills Festival is held once a year in April. Stall holders at the festival offer fashions, home wares, gifts, accessories, foods and goods, books, entertainment and more. Daily, shoppers can explore vintage shops, boutiques, antique shops along Oxford Street between Moore Park and Central Station.

Great dining can be found throughout Surry Hills. You can sample ricotta pancakes, chicken confit, raw oysters and more at trendy bakeries, outdoor cafés and fashionable restaurants housed in rehabilitated factories, warehouses or refurbished pubs. Surry Hills has been called the epicenter of the foodie movement in Sydney for good reason: With Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, seafood, Australian and Nepalese dining options, you can enjoy food from virtually anywhere in the world and still have plenty of options. Trams, trains and cycleways are all some of your options for getting to Surry Hills.




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