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Whether you are moving to Sydney or simply planning a long-term visit for personal or professional reasons, you have many options for accommodations, including furnished and unfurnished apartments. Each type of apartment has specific benefits that may appeal to different visitors for various reasons. Determining the best type of apartment accommodation in Sydney is one of the most important steps you can take towards ensuring a more pleasant stay in Sydney.

living room in apartment accommodation in SydneyUnfurnished apartments are typically empty other than essential appliances, such as the refrigerator or stove. You will then be responsible for providing your own personal necessities, all furniture, decorations and other essentials. You may also need to provide certain types of appliances, such as a washer or dryer. Furnished apartments are well-equipped with modern furniture, all appliances, accessories, linens and decorations. Both furnished and unfurnished apartments frequently feature such luxuries as on-site gyms, pools and secure, off-street parking.


Is Apartment Accommodation in Sydney an Affordable Option?

If this is your first move, you are moving out of your parents' home, you are getting your own place or you are relocating due to school or work, a furnished apartment can be an extremely affordable option for just starting out. You will not need to provide your own furnishings, linens or other equipment but instead have access to your own move-in ready apartment with all the amenities you want. Whether you are moving in or moving out, you will be able to more easily manage the task with less to pack and less to do.

When cost is a factor, consider your options carefully. Although some unfurnished and furnished accommodation are comparably priced, furnished apartments do generally cost more. Owners have invested a great deal in each furnished apartment, and the rent tends to reflect this fact. However, in spite of the price differences, they are often still more affordable than similarly sized and located unfurnished apartments since tenants will not have to purchase their own furnishings, appliances or pay separately for other necessities. The total cost of the apartment may not be as much of a factor in your decision as the overall value. For example, employers and parents who pay for the cost of accommodations often discover that a furnished apartment usually provides far more for the money.

living room in Sydney apartment accommodationA furnished apartment can also be a good choice for those who want an impeccably decorated and beautifully furnished apartment but who lack the budget to create one. Furnished apartments feature modern furniture, carefully chosen artwork and coordinated accessories to produce a stylish domicile that you won't have to lift a finger to decorate.

Unfurnished apartments can appeal more to certain individuals or families, however. Although furnished apartments can certainly be customized to allow for more of your personal style to shine through, an unfurnished apartment is a blank canvas upon which you can unleash your creativity. Those who are relocating rather than simply visiting for work, school or holiday may also prefer an unfurnished apartment, which allows them to truly make it home. If you are visiting Sydney on a work visa, a student visa or a tourist visa, you may have different needs than someone who is relocating. Being able to enjoy all the benefits of home without having to invest in property you don't necessarily need or want can be an enormous benefit.

The number in your group may also affect where and how you stay. A family group that is relocating may be more likely to seek an unfurnished apartment that can be more easily tailored to its needs while a group of friends on holiday may prefer the convenience and simplicity of an unfurnished apartment. An individual travelling on business may also benefit from a furnished apartment, which can allow him or her to stretch out more comfortably after work and save on dining, laundering and other costs.


Where Do You Want to Be Located in Sydney?

Once you have decided the type of apartment you need, you will need to determine where in Sydney to stay. Sydney's properties are nearly as diverse as its people are and include waterfront locations, beachy apartments, trendy CBD neighbourhoods and quiet residential streets. The CBD is popular with business travellers in particular. With access to public transportation, plenty of restaurants, shopping and some of Sydney's top attractions, the CBD is one of Sydney's most popular destinations, but it is not the only one.

The Rocks, which is comfortably near enough to the CBD to feature many of the same benefits, offers incredible harbour views, quaint pubs, historic buildings and a busy weekend market. This laid-back suburb has plenty of fun and relaxation in store for its visitors. Kings Cross, which is also close to the CBD, has become a popular spot for tourists in recent years. Although this area was once Sydney's notorious red light district, today it features vibrant clubs, relaxed cafés and sophisticated bars. At the lower end of Kings Cross is Potts Point. Potts Point allows you to stay close to all the action but in a quiet suburb. Potts Point is dotted with high-end apartments and European-style cafés, and it is rich in culture and history.

If you prefer to get away from all the busyness of the city's centre, Bondi Beach can be a good option, particularly for those on holiday. Sydney's surf culture is epitomized here better than it is anywhere else. Visit Campbell Parade for an afternoon of shopping for clothing, shoes, beachwear, books, soaps, CDs, home goods and more, or spend a day relaxing in the sun, surfing the waves or swimming in the waters off Bondi.

Paddington, which is known for its boutiques and handmade craft markets, and Glebe, which is a quiet suburb to the west of Potts Point and Paddington, each have their own unique characteristics, as do Sydney's many other suburbs and neighbourhoods, such as Darlinghurst, Darling Harbour, Parramatta, Olympic Park, Pyrmont, Manly, Rosehill and Balmain. Knowing what you want, what you need and what you can afford will help you get the most out of your stay in Sydney.






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The corporate traveller may want a one or two bedroom furnished apartment in Sydney CBD, whilst the family on vacation would prefer the leafy suburbs of the Hills District and a four bedroom house. Your search for the most suitable furnished accommodation in Sydney is made easy with the help of a map detailing all the locations Furnished Properties rent their apartments.

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